Monster Jam World Finals Champion

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Big Victory in Orlando

This weekend marked the biggest competition of the year in the Monster Jam series, held at the Orlando Camping World Stadium. The event saw the best monster truck drivers vying for the coveted title. My team and I had put in a tremendous amount of work preparing my truck, and it all paid off splendidly.

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High Jump Competition

Competing in the High Jump event was a thrilling experience. Facing off against top racers like Todd Leduc and Tom Meents, the pressure was immense. This competition demands not just the right setup—gears, suspension, and tire pressure—but also exceptional driving skills and courage. I managed to soar 45.472 feet into the air with my 12,000-pound monster truck, an adrenaline-pumping feat that I was able to land on all four wheels with minimal damage.

Achieving the World High Jump Victory title in front of a sold-out crowd of 70,000 Monster Jam fans is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Joining Monster Team Ice

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The exciting news for next year is that I will be part of Monster Team Ice. This means that the iconic Monster Mutt Dalmatian will get a new look for 2019. Not only are we getting a fresh appearance, but we also have a full schedule in the stadium tour for the first time. Competing against some of the best drivers, we’re ready to showcase our skills.

Preparing for the New Season

Joining Monster Team Ice involves meticulous preparation. The transformation of Monster Mutt Dalmatian is not just cosmetic; it represents a new level of performance and competition readiness. Our team is focused on fine-tuning every aspect of the truck, from the gears to the suspension, ensuring optimal performance for the demanding stadium tour.

The New Look of Monster Mutt Dalmatian

The redesign of Monster Mutt Dalmatian is aimed at making a bold statement. The new look is not just about aesthetics but also about embodying the strength and agility that Monster Team Ice stands for. We can’t wait for our fans to witness the enhanced performance and striking appearance of the revamped truck.

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Featured on Arc Magazine

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In addition to the exciting developments in my Monster Jam career, I am honored to be featured on the cover of the summer 2018 issue of Arc Magazine. This opportunity allows me to share my passion and journey within the welding and fabrication industry, a crucial aspect of Monster Jam.

Sharing My Story

Being on the cover of Arc Magazine is a significant honor. The feature delves into my background, the challenges I’ve faced, and the triumphs I’ve achieved. It’s a chance to connect with readers on a deeper level, highlighting the dedication and hard work that go into being a Monster Jam driver. The welding and fabrication industry plays a vital role in our sport, from building the trucks to ensuring their safety and readiness for competition. Sharing my experiences in Arc Magazine underscores the importance of this industry and inspires others who might be considering a similar path.

World FinalsHigh Jump Victory45.472 feet, 12,000-pound truck, minimal damage
Future PlansJoining Monster Team IceNew look, full stadium tour
Media FeatureArc Magazine CoverSummer 2018 issue, welding/fabrication story

Looking Ahead

As I prepare to join Monster Team Ice and embark on a full stadium tour, I’m filled with excitement and anticipation. The new look for Monster Mutt Dalmatian, the rigorous preparation, and the honor of being featured on Arc Magazine’s cover all contribute to an incredible journey ahead. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of this amazing adventure!