Five Takeaways from Monster Jam World Finals XXIII

The Monster Jam World Finals XXIII left an indelible mark on Los Angeles, with jaw-dropping performances and memorable collaborations. Here’s what made the event a standout spectacle.

Fortnite Joins Forces with Monster Jam

The synergy between Fortnite and Monster Jam was unmistakable at the finals. The event kicked off with the Brite Bomber crashing the press conference, building anticipation among fans. The excitement peaked at the Pit Party where attendees got a first look at the Fortnite-inspired Monster Jam truck. The highlight was undoubtedly Charlie Pauken’s stunning stunt at SoFi Stadium, where he crushed the iconic Battle Bus under the massive wheels of his truck.

A Tease of Future Collaborations

The successful integration of Fortnite elements into the Monster Jam scene has opened the door for potential future collaborations. Fans are buzzing about what could come next, fostering a sense of anticipation for upcoming events.

Sparkle Smash Makes a Splash

Sparkle Smash, the audacious, unicorn-themed truck, made a thunderous debut, leaping into a pile of cars dubbed “Smash Mountain.” Piloted by Kayla Blood, this truck transitioned from a beloved diecast model to a full-sized competitor, captivating audiences worldwide. Fans are eagerly awaiting its competitive debut, set for the upcoming weekend at MetLife Stadium.

Record-Breaking Attendance and Stunts at World Finals

Los Angeles proved to be a spectacular host, turning World Finals XXIII into a blockbuster Hollywood event. With a 24-truck lineup and the return of the Last Chance Qualifier, the event scaled new heights. The largest Pit Party of the year, celebrity sightings, and two breathtaking stunts contributed to a record attendance of 45,000 fans, making it an unprecedented gathering in the history of Sam Boyd Stadium.

Event Highlights and Attendee Numbers

Last Chance QualifierA fierce competition allowing last-minute entries45,000
Pit PartyThe largest year-round gathering of fans45,000
Celebrity AppearancesStars spotted in Monster Jam gear45,000
Epic StuntsTwo major stunts performed during the event45,000

Independent Teams Shine

The event was not just a win for the big names but also a celebration of independent teams’ rising prowess. Zack Garner, from Over Bored Motorsports, was particularly impressive, claiming a World Finals Championship. Other teams like Team Throttle Monster and Team Scream also had notable performances, with new reveals and consistent showmanship that enriched the event’s competitive spirit.

Next Year’s Excitement Builds for Salt Lake City

The announcement that next year’s Monster Jam World Finals will take place at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City has already sparked excitement among fans. Known for its picturesque setting at the University of Utah, Rice-Eccles is an ideal venue for this marquee event. With local sports teams gaining momentum and the return of celebrity judges from the Diesel Brothers, next year’s finals are poised to be spectacular.

This article will continue to explore more detailed experiences and tips for those attending next year’s event, including travel advice and what to expect from the burgeoning sports culture in Salt Lake City.